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wegen ve weil arasında ne fark var?

wegen ve weil arasında ne fark var? wegen ve weil arasında ne fark var? – Bildiğim kadarıyla wegen bir edat ve weil bir bağlaçtır. Ama her ikisi de “neden(warum)” sorusunu yanıtlar. Bu iki kelime hangi koşullarda birbirinin yerine kullanılır? Her ikisi de aynı anlama gelir mi? “weil” ve “wegen” kelimelerinin hangi koşullarda kullanılmaları gerektiğini bilmek […]

Galericiler aldıkları her arabaya sigorta yaptırıyor mu?

Merhaba, Yeni bir araba aldıktan en az 15 gün içinde zorunlu trafik sigortası yaptırmak zorundayız. Ama galericiler her gün onlarca araç alıyor, bazı araçlar galericide uzun süre bekliyor. Aklıma takılan soru “Galericiler satın aldıları arabalara trafik sigortası yaptırıyor mu?” yoksa galericiler zorunlu trafik sigortası yaptırmaktan muaf mı?

how to add multiple div tags side by side one under the other

Hello this time we are gonna play with some CSS codes and HTML codes.This post is also very helpful for wordpress theme creators and for all webdesigners.Actually in this post we are gone find out how to line up div tags side by side and one under the other. floatingwhen you use two div tags […]

wordpress add author bio to posts

How to show author bio in wordpress post  Hi dear bloggers! In this wordpress lesson we are gonna find out how to show author bio in a wordpress post. Showing author bio is a very cool option, so visitors will know by whom the post they read is written. Of course this will also higher […]

a virus creates shortcuts of all files[solutions]

How to Remove Viruses From Your System the other day a virus is involved from a USB stick of a friend of me. That was creating a shortcut of all files. After a title search how to fix that issue, in a forum i’ve read a title, it said “Kaspersky pure 3.0 will fix it”. […]

How to use meta tags for better SEO

Meta tags are used for giving information to search engines about websites,title,description of the page,which information there is in it,what kind of keywords includes the page and these such information is given by meta tags to search engines. When visit the spiders of search engines to your website to categorize and to save your content,in order to get information they look at […]

how to install a jawaplayer on your blog / website

HOW TO USE A JWPLAYER FOR VIDEOS 1-Download Jwplayer files2-Extract the files from the zip3-Upload them in any host using a FTP4-Get the URL of Jwplayer    By following above steps,you can use a jwplayer for your videos.This jwplayer is belong to Longtail. With this jwplayer, we can use sharing icons, ads unit and more plugins supported by […]