A1-B2 arası Testler, alıştırmalar "Sorularla Almanca Öğreniyorum"incele
A1-B2 arası Testler, alıştırmalar "Sorularla Almanca Öğreniyorum"incele

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how to install a jawaplayer on your blog / website

HOW TO USE A JWPLAYER FOR VIDEOS 1-Download Jwplayer files2-Extract the files from the zip3-Upload them in any host using a FTP4-Get the URL of Jwplayer    By following above steps,you can use a jwplayer for your videos.This jwplayer is belong to Longtail. With this jwplayer, we can use sharing icons, ads unit and more plugins supported by […]

how to highlight codes in blogger

How to Highlight Codes in Blogger Hello dear bloggers! this time i’m gonna show you how to highlight codes in blogger post. This syntaxhighlighter is created by: – Version: 7.3– URL:     http://softwaremaniacs.org/soft/highlight/en/– Author:  Ivan Sagalaev Thank you Ivan.Ok.If you like it and want to use in blogger please read the rest of my article,with easy […]

what link rel”nofollow” means

Link rel=”nofollow” attribute What is link rel=”nofollow” mean? Hello bloggers! Today i’m gonna try to clarify for you what is a rel=”nofollow” mean.In year 2005 Google decided to use this tag for the good of us. Some time later Yahoo also began to use the same code.Actually these idioms: Literal: Near the dry, the damp […]

blogger launched new HTML editor

Hello bloggers! Blogger has lauched new HTML editor.It’s highly similar to Notepad ++,other feature it has itself search box that works with Ctrl + F combination,you can jump quick to edit a specific widget.Now you can see the line number of all codes,this will help you to find codes for editing if you get an […]

blogger we were unable to save your template solution

Issues: i can’t save my blogger template how to add the new template at blogger? Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The markup in the document following […]

add Facebook comment box on blogger[HD]

Hello everyone! i’m gonna show you how to add Facebook connect box in on blogger(blogspot) today. I’ve published a written post before, you can read that here. This is with video insructions and very easy to understand. Please drop a comment if you like this.

you might like this widget ads-free

Hello everyone! Today i’m gonna show you a new related posta widget for blogger bloggspot and it’s ads-free, i’m using this widget in my blog now and i like it much, i hope you’ll like also…Preview: Download:Click here to Download

how to add multiple author in your blogger account

HOW TO BUILD AUTHOR  COMMUNITYYou can add multiple author in blogger account, so your blog will be greater than current one. I’m going to narrate adding new authors in  blogger account in the shape of Q&A as in forum pages.    Log in your blogger dasboard with your gmail or any google account to invite an author […]

twenty eleven styler search box

Hello dear bloggers! today i’m gonna share with you a search box that works perfectly on blogger and very identical to wordpress twenty eleven search box. I think you know what is a search box. Search boxes are small but very effective tools to find a topic in a website or in a blog. It’s essential, it is […]