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Facebook New Feature for Pages

Hello Bloggers! for all of us is Facebook necessary social platform, especially for SEO.Facebook keeps on innovation’s new feature, you can add any image from your PC to your sharing. How to Use Custom ImageTo add a custom image for a Facebook post,simply click the link “Upload Image” after pasting an article.Then hit “Post” […]

The easiest way how to add facebook connect comment box in your website page

HOW TO ADD FACEBOOK COMMENT BOX IN YOUR WEBSITE Facebook and its comment box is getting popular day by day, when you add facebook comment box in your website, the commentators not only drop a comment in your website but also drop on their facebook profile.There is a squared tick box beneath facebook comment field,your visitor […]

add Facebook comment box on blogger[HD]

Hello everyone! i’m gonna show you how to add Facebook connect box in on blogger(blogspot) today. I’ve published a written post before, you can read that here. This is with video insructions and very easy to understand. Please drop a comment if you like this.

how to use Facebook comment connect box in wordpress

Hello everyone! how are you ? i’m gonna show you how to use facebook comment box in wordpress, but let me to exlplain first what kind of benefits this provides us. It’s the most popular Almost everybody has a Facebook account Sends visitor from Facebook It’s threaded (replay option) Allows to like, send, share Let’s […]

how to add facebook comment box in blogger blogspot

HOW TO ADD FACEBOOK COMMENT BOX IN YOUR PLATFORM You can add facebook comment box in your several platforms such as in blogger,wordpress,myspace,facebook static pages and more platforms.Facebook comment box is so cool,your visitor can drop a comment with their facebook account or with their e-mail as anonym.We’ll in this article show you how to […]

how to create facebook fan page new updated

HOW TO CREATE FACEBOOK FAN PAGE NEW UPDATED You can keep in touch with your fans by creating facebook fan page, if you think but i’m not a famous film star, it doesn’t matter if you have a blog or website you also can a fan page and this time you can be a web […]