how to add multiple author in your blogger account

You can add multiple author in blogger account, so your blog will be greater than current one. I’m going to narrate adding new authors in  blogger account in the shape of Q&A as in forum pages.

   Log in your blogger dasboard with your gmail or any google account to invite an author for the community. Follow the steps Settings >> Permissions. You can invite any author if you know his/her e-mail address, Google will be prompted authors to have a google account, if they have not signed up yet, Google shows them how to get one. And i do recommend you, the authors you’ll invite,  should have experience at writing with blogger, it is important their writing as much as yours, any author who don’t have experience writing with blogger may damage your concept, and may ruin your writing style. Writing style should not be different in any blog, if every author has their own color and style at writing, your blog may look like just a world map.Try to hold your authors in smooth harmony.

When you click on “ADD AUTHORS” a new window will be opened like below,
-Total 100 authors you can invite at the same time or one by one listing their e-mail address
-Your request will be sent in their e-mail click on “INVITE

The author will receive your invitation, and there, will see a link to contribute to your blog, if he/she does  interest at writing in your blog, will accept your request

When he/she clicked your invitation link ,they will see the window blow.,if they already have a google account, will be able to write immediately, if they don’t have a google account yet, google will help them to create one.


1- They will be able to edit posts.
2-They will be able to add their ads unit in their posts
3-They will be remove themselves in any time if they want,but their previuos posts will still appear on your blog, they can not delete their older posts, even they removed themselves from your blog.
4-They can not edit your HTML/CSS codes.
5-They can not edit or delete your blog comments
6-For more information please look at the image below that may give you idea about your new author’s dasboard.

Thank you very much reading my article, i hope it helped you..

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