what link rel”nofollow” means

Link rel=”nofollow” attribute

What is link rel=”nofollow” mean?

Hello bloggers! Today i’m gonna try to clarify for you what is a rel=”nofollow” mean.In year 2005 Google decided to use this tag for the good of us. Some time later Yahoo also began to use the same code.Actually these idioms:

  • Literal: Near the dry, the damp will burn.
  • Meaning: If you are with wrongdoers, nobody cares if you are innocent.

 will include meaning of rel=”nofollow and what’s behind the scene.You know internet doesn’t include only good websites,there are a lot of bad websites especially those who publish porn contents.Google likes informative and helpful websites, but these porn and play thematic websites both manually and with the help of some bots drop their link inside of  our sites/blogs/forums.They think with this way they’ll get more visitors,but Google not think so…actually their all links are spam, and Google kicks such kind of websites to very back of search result.As you are superadmin of your own website,you are responsible for all actions in your website.while Google punishing that kind of websites will also punish you because you allowed this being occured,Google says you:

Why do you assign a link to that bad thematic website?
I and everybody know you did not it do yourself,but Google can not guess what’s happening around, and this time Google offers us to use rel=”nofollow” tag. A rel attribute specifies the relationship between current page and linked page.
A rel attribute says to Google:
– i’m not responsible for the linked document in my page, please think twice before punishing me.
And many times Google doesn’t punish you,because you already said rel=”nofollow”.

Finally if you think some unusual and unwanted cases may occur in your website/forum/blog, then always use the rel=”nofollow” tag. I hear you say:
-is it a bad thing or  a good thing?
well, a good thing is the right answer.

How to use this tag then?

<a href=”URL” >BrotherBlogger<a/> 
<a rel=”nofollow” href=”URL”> BrotherBloger</a>

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