woocommerce outdated template codes in cart and checkout

After a long time you have decided on using your old but favorite woocommerce theme and but anyway you are getting following notice warning.

Notice: WC_Cart::get_checkout_url is deprecated since version 2.5! Use wc_get_checkout_url instead. in

This piece of codes are hidden where your cart and checkout links located, generally it is header.php

Ok to solve this tiny but painful notice warnings open header.php or cart.php files with your favorite text editor software , and try to find the code line below shown on provided image

then replace it with:


New look must be seen like:

If you are also experiencing debug error with your cart.php replace its codes as it is shown below

$woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url()with wc_get_cart_url()
$woocommerce->cart->get_checkout_url() with wc_get_checkout_url()

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