60 Useful Words With Example Sentences (IELTS, TOEFL, YDS, YÖKDİL) (Series 1)

  1. Analyse: Analiz Etmek     Ex: Researches have analyzed the impacts of motivation on employees’ performance
  2. Approach: Yaklaşım      Ex: The traits approach of leadership states that leaders were born with specific and unique characteristics.
  3. Area: Alan      Ex: Psychology is one of the areas of social sciences.
  4. Assess: Değerlendirmek        Ex: Meteorologists assessed the current situation of the air.
  5. Assume: Farzetmek         Ex: Let’s assume that you was a girl.
  6. Authority: Otorite         Ex: The authority in a country is possessed by the government of that country.
  7. Available: Mevcut/Müsait                  Ex: We have little money available for the research./Are you available for tomorrow?
  8. Benefit: Fayda                   Ex: The benefit of university education is that people can become more competitive in the job market.
  9. Concept: Konsept/Kavram                 Ex: The concept of opportunity cost can be defined as an economics term used to describe the value of the alternative that must be given up in order to achieve something else.
  10. Consist: Oluşmak                        Ex: The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs consists of five fundamental needs.
  11. Constitutional: Anayasal                   Ex: Having education is a constitutional right.
  12. Context: Bağlam/ İçerik                  Ex:  If you don’t understand something, it’s because you aren’t aware of its context.
  13. Contract: Sözleşme                     Ex: Both of the parties have signed the contract.
  14. Create: Yaratmak/Oluşturmak                  Ex: Everyone should create his/her own way of life.
  15. Data: Veri (çoğul)                  Ex: According to OECD data, Turkey has the seventeenth largest economy in the world.
  16. Definition: Tanım                         Ex: Definition of globalization has changed over years.
  17. Derived: Türetilmiş (derive: türetmek)                     Ex: Europeanization can be thought as a notion derived from globalization.
  18. Distribution: Dağıtım                   Ex: In order to have competitive advantage, a company must have well developed distribution channels.
  19. Economic: İktisadi                       Ex: Supply is an economic term used for describing the amount of goods produced.
  20. Environment: Çevre                      Ex: After Industrial Revolution, environment has begun to be polluted intensely.
  21. Establish: Kurmak                 Ex: The company was established by Emre B. in 1994.
  22. Estimate: Tahmin Etmek                      Ex: In order to estimate weather condition, people have developed lots of methods.
  23. Evidence: Kanıt               Ex: Recent evidences show that the world will not live much longer anymore.
  24. Export: İhracat                 Ex: The situation in which import amounts exceed export amounts is called as budget deficit.
  25. Factors: Faktör / Etken                 Ex: There are three main factors of production called as land, labor, and capital.
  26. Financial: Finansal/Mali                    Ex: The Company expects to downsize at the end of this financial year.
  27. Formula: Formül                       Ex: The formula of profit is revenue minus costs.
  28. Function: Fonksiyon / İşlev                        Ex: The function of accounting department is to keep statistical records.
  29. Identify: Kimliklendirmek/ Tanımlamak                        Ex: I don’t want to identify myself with that group./ Emre couldn’t identify what was wrong.
  30. Income: Gelir                            Ex: I have an income of $5000 a month.
  31. Indicate: Göstermek / Belirtmek                      Ex: The graph indicates that GDP of Turkey is higher than lots of European countries’ GDPs.
  32. Individual: Birey                             Ex: Each individual has to respect another.
  33. Interpretation: Yorum                        Ex: It’s open to interpretation.
  34. Involve: İçermek                        Ex: Lots of foods involves inorganic ingredients.
  35. Issue: Konu / Problem                            Ex: Let us turn now to the fundamental issue./ The buying and selling of peoples’ personal information is becoming a big issue.
  36. Labor: Emek                    Ex: One of the factors of production is labor.
  37. Legal: Yasal                   Ex: Is it legal to have guns?
  38. Legislation: Yasama                      Ex: The government has the power of legislation.
  39. Major: Branş                      Ex: What is your major?
  40. Method: Yöntem                     Ex: There are different kinds of research methods.
  41. Occur: Meydana gelmek                        Ex: When did the error occur?
  42. Percent: Oran / Yüzde                              Ex: I am a hundred percent sure that he will come to party.
  43. Period: Dönem / Periyot                   Ex:  Many have suffered oppression and misery for a long period of time under the rule of colonialism.
  44. Policy: Politika                Ex: Government has to make some arrangements in fiscal policy.
  45. Principle: İlke               Ex:  Hope, not fear, is the creative principle in human affairs.
  46. Procedure: Prosedür                   Ex: Each company has some bureaucratic procedures.
  47. Process: Süreç                Ex: Process of decision making is sometimes very hard for managers.
  48. Require: Gerektirmek                     Ex:  Being hard-working requires disciplined working.
  49. Research: Araştırma                     Ex: According the research conducted by Emre Bilgiç, there are five dimensions of international trade in service in Turkey.
  50. Response: Cevap                          Ex: Your response is wholly insufficient.
  51. Role: Rol                     Ex: Each father should be a role model for their boys.
  52. Section: Bölüm                   Ex: In this section, we will talk about theories of trade.
  53. Sektör                 Ex: Service sector has the biggest share in Turkish economic composition.
  54. Significant: Önemli                     Ex: Family structure is very significant for a child’s psychological development.
  55. Similar: Benzer                    Ex: Although notions of vision and mission seem similar, they are completely different.
  56. Source: Kaynak                         Ex: My mother is my biggest source of inspiration.
  57. Specific: Belirli / Özgül                        Ex: Genes consist of a specific sequence of DNA.
  58. Structure: Yapı                       Ex: The company preferred matrix type organizational structure.
  59. Theory: Teori                         Ex: Theory of evolution is a popular concept for some people.
  60. Variable: Değişken                       Ex: The first step of a research is to determine variables of the research.

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