Connectors For Essay Writings

Connectors For Essay Writings

Connectors are very important for writings because we can not connect sentences or we can not provide flow of paragraphs without connectors. Although connectors are that much important, people who are not native English speaker live some difficulties while they are using connectors. In this sense, we have classified them into three main groups here to eliminate mistakes in usage of Connectors For Essay Writings .

1. Connectors To Support, Add, or Continue

This type of connectors are used to support previous sentence or to add something to the prior sentence or to continue with the previous sentence. Some of these types of connectors are as follows;

  1. Besides
  2. Also
  3. In addition
  4. Last
  5. First
  6. Second
  7. Third
  8. Next
  9. Finally
  10. Further
  11. Another
  12. Moreover
  13. Again
  14. Similarly
  15. Furthermore
  16. Likewise
  17. In a like manner
  18. In the same way
  19. Equally important
  20. Too

2. Connectors To Compare and Contrast

These connectors are used to talk about similarities or differences among two or more things. Some examples of these types of connectors are provided below;

  1. Also
  2. And
  3. All are
  4. Like
  5. Both
  6. Besides
  7. But
  8. Just as
  9. Likewise
  10. Although
  11. Similar
  12. As well as
  13. The same as
  14. While
  15. In the same manner
  16. Have in common
  17. In a like manner
  18. Whether or not
  19. On the other hand
  20. As opposed to
  21. Nevertheless
  22. Unlike
  23. Compared to
  24. Contrasting
  25. Conversely
  26. Yet
  27. Instead
  28. Whereas
  29. In spite of
  30. In contrast
  31. However
  32. Even though
  33. Rather than
  34. On the contrary
  35. Despite

3. Connectors To Introduce Details Or Exemplify

These connectors are used to give details about the topic or provide examples. Here, there are some examples of this type connectors;

  1. For example
  2. In fact
  3. For instance
  4. In any event
  5. As evidence
  6. In support of
  7. Such as
  8. To illustrate
  9. In this case
  10. As stated in / by
  11. According to
  12. As a result
  13. In any case

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