do you assign a name for images

Search engines don’t find you not only by searhing text but also they try to find you by searching the images, therefore an image of a blog or of a website is a real criteria to be found.You know Google searches images today and always will do it. Before links, text, content, backlinks and so on. was a factor to be found by Google but remember images are other appreciable factor to be found. Who knows only an image brings you a hundred of visitors.

image1.jpg is not seo friendly

how to earn money on internet.jpg is much better

you should also assing an alt=”#” tag for the images

this is much much better <img src=”../how to earn money on internet.jpg” alt=” how to earn money on internet” />
Not: spaces in image name will be replaced with + by browser.
i do recommend you always adding alt=”” tag and a proper name for images

i can show you what do i mean.I have a post on how to create an avatar image in photoshop here when am i searched in images google offers me as you see on the image below.

images are really a great factor to be indexed, to be found by google.You can be found on an image when anyone searches you in images.You should keep these tips in mind if you want to see more visitor on your site.

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