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if you want to use a jquery slider for your featured post,you are at right point,this jquery slider for your post title is very nice,its appearance is highly delicious,you can broadcast your newest articles in the head.

Installation of this jquery slider is very easy,we’ll use it for blogger with three steps.but you must  make a decision for using,maybe this demo works for your decision
if you liked it decided to use for your featured content please follow the instructions are given…
Here we go!
We’ll operate on your HTML tags,so back up your full template first(!)
1. Find this code line <div id=’main-wrapper’> and paste this HTML code after/below

2. Find this tag now ]]></b:skin> paste these CSS codes before/above it

3. Find this tag now </head> paste these javacodes before/above it

Save your template now and click on publish and view post to see result…But our job has not finished yet,we must customize this slider according to our content

Your image sizes and links:
Small ones 50 x 50 ideal
Large ones 400 x 250 ideal
Description for small images 41 letters ideal
Description for link on large images 21 characters ideal
Description before “read more” link 80 characters ideal


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