Find The Mistakes (4) (IELTS, TOEFLY, YDS, YÖKDİL)

Question: Here, you are asked to find the intentionally done mistkaes in the following essay. If you write your findings on comment, you can get correct version of the essay. Through this way, you can better your writing skills, grammer skills, and so on.


Some people argue that capital punishment is good for a country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Capital Punishment

In today’s world many arguments have been done so far about acceptance of capital punishment. As it is stated before, there are many different views about this topic, but these views can be classified under two main groups which are; the group of people who are supporters of capital punishment and the other group consisting of non-supporters. I agree with the idea that capital punishment is good for a country. There are several justifications that explain reason lying behind my belief.

The first justification why I support this idea is that the capital punishment is very effective way to reduce crime. People who lived in society think that death penalty is like a last station of life, and it is influential on deterrent to serious crime. For example, if the person who are thinking of murder or committing a high-level crime, he/she must think twice before doing this.

The second justification that describes why I believe this idea is that the dangerous criminals should never be able to get out from jail. I think there is no needed to keep them in jail so that they should be executed immediately. In this way, people living in society are much safety. Although, there are many reasons exit, these two justifications are the main reasons why I agree with this opinion.

In conclusion, we discussed the acceptance of capital punishment. In this sense, we identified two main groups about this topic. Then, I explained my opinion about this topic and support my idea with giving examples.





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