how to create an animated avatar gif image in photoshop

You can create avatar gif in photoshop it’s so easy,it doesn’t matter which photoshop version you use,if you don’t have a photoshop yet you can download photoshop CS5 full for using. If you already have skip this download recommendation. In order to create an avatar in photshop open any photoshop image editor version.
Prepare 2 images with the same sizes for work, i do recommend 400 x 300.
Open your first image with Ctrl + O or File >> Open, duplicate this image until you see its quantity is 10, in other words duplicate your first image 10 times. Decrease these 10 thumbnails’ opacity level ten by ten from 100% to 10%(from up to down). Create a blank layer with Shift + Ctrl + N or by layer >> New >> Layer…
Open your second image, select and copy it with Ctrl + A >> Ctrl + C, click on your blank layer you’ve created just now make sure it’s selected paste the second image in it with Ctrl + V. Duplicate this new layer ,you’ve created and pasted your second image in it, for 10 times like first one, and increase this time its opacity level from 10% to 100% (from down to up)
Skip intro image ready with Shift + Ctrl + M, Don’t ask yourself “-Where my all images has gone?” they skipped intro in image ready for editing.

while you are in image ready press arrow on animation window as you see on the image above, select ” Make Frames From Layers ” from the drop-down menu.

Set up your thumbnails’ durations i do recommend don’t touch the durations, “0 sec.” delay is ideal for all thumbnails,but i used “0.1 sec.” for my gif that is below for the preview, you can set up any duration for yours, it is completely up to you. If you set up your duration you can save your avatar now with the step File >> Save Optimized As… or directly from the keyboard with Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S. You are successfully done! you’ve created your own avatar(gif) using Photoshop. Bravo!





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