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You can keep in touch with your fans by creating facebook fan page, if you think but i’m not a famous film star, it doesn’t matter if you have a blog or website you also can a fan page and this time you can be a web star, anyways just follow the instructions are given, and create your fan page right now… visit this address directly or log in your facebook account with your email and password, scroll the mouse to the bottom of the page and press “advertising” link as you see on the image below

After clicked advertising link, a new window will open, there is a link facebook page under the middle image, press it

On step 3 press “Create a page” button

On step 4 choose a page style

To go on narration i have to select a page style my page style in this narration is ” Local business or place

on step 5 you must enter some information for your page when you are done click on ” Get started” button ,but you’ll get an arror that says: ” You must indicate you have permission to create this page and agree to the Facebook Pages terms and conditions. ” this arror is facebook’s fault,not your there is one step more under the button “Get started“, but you can not see it, to see and complete creating fan page click in “Phone” box press “Tab” key two times from your keyboard until you see “i agree to facebook page terms” option

Make checked to agree Facebook Pages terms and click on ” Get started” button to continue, you are almost done!

You are completely done now, your new Facebook Fan Page is in your order, just edit and share your new page to keep in touch with your fans




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