how to make a banner in photoshop using CS2 CS3 CS4 CS5


Any photoshop image editor, even photoshop CS2 allows you to create a banner for your website or blog.You can also create banner for your ads.You need a photoshop image editor program to make a banner, if you don’t have any version yet,click here and download Adobe Photoshop CS5 for full version,but if you already have any photoshop image editor,focus on tutorial and just follow the insructions.

This the banner we’ll learn how to make

Open Photoshop image editor, do CTRL + N from your keyboard describe your new project size as 468 X 68, it must be black, background of your banner, press “G” on keyboard or choose “Paint Bucket Tool (G)” from the tool list, drop and fill in your banner with black color, press “T” on keyboard or choose”Horizontal Type Tool (T)” from  menu list, and write your first text for the banner.

 you must remove “indicates layers visibility” to write your second and more text for the banner,press eye symbol and write your secont text, press again eye symbol on your second thumbnail and write your third text, you can write more text by this way, but 3 is enough for this tutorial.

we’ve removed all eyes from our new banner project as you see on the image right, we have done in photoshop for the time being,we must skip intro image ready to save this project as *.gif, do from your keyboard “Shft + Ctrl + M” to skip intro image ready
wait for a while, opening of image ready may take some moment, Don’t be surprised! your all image has gone from photoshop to image ready for editing, it is normal not seeing your images in photoshop they are in image ready now.

 press the arrow as you see on the image left and select ” Make Frames From Layers” from drop menu, after this you see your text will be listed to save as gif, but we’ll set up the delay duration and customize the banner.Press your second layer to work on it(number 2 one), press layers visibility of background(the eye on left of background layer), set up delay duration of this layer, to do this press small arrow that near “0 sec.” choose a delay time, for example you can select “1,0 sec.” press third, fourth layers and repeat this process until you’re done.You can add new frames for the banner, to add new frame, press arrow on the right of window >> select New Frame, you can increase quantity of frames by  this way. If you have finished customizing your new banner, you can save it as gif, to save this banner as gif, follow the steps File >> Save Optimized AS.. or from the keyboard do “Ctrl + Shft + Alt + S ”  then save your banner with a name.You are done!

If you find this tutorial hard and confusing , you can download its video narration and have your banner easily,click here and download video narration about how to make banner using photoshop, but first click here and sign up for free,your download speed will increase
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