How To Write A “Doing Business” Homework

How To Write A “Doing Business” Homework

“Doing Business” homework is one of the main homeowork for students in Business Faculties. It is a very beneficial and instructive homework. However, this taks is generally difficult for the students because it requires examining many topics and this situation makes students confused. Here, I will remove all difficulties and confusion by providing a clear guideline about how to write “doing business” homework. Before providing the guideline, firstly, I want to mention about the goal of this kind of homework.

“Doing Business” homework aims to make student able to combine lots of fields in one homework, to analyze a country in terms of business, and to analyze a company with characteristics of a specific country. In other words, this type of homework is used to teach country analysis and to understand impacts of country characteristics on businesses. In this sense, this kind of homework often consists of two main step; analysis at country level, and analysis at company level.

A) Analysis At Country Level

This step is about understanding the conditions in a country in terms of business world. This kind of understand may help to comprehend opportunities and threats for businesses in that country. This step must include information about followings;

  • History Of The Country: In order to understand costumers, it is important to know about their past and to understand their historical milestones.
  • Politics Of The Country: It is important to understand political structure of a country because we must know which ministries will we contact or which political ideology is applied in country etc.
  • Culture Of The Country: It is maybe the most important part of the homework because culture affects lots of things such as customer choices, ways of businesses, way of communication, etc. It includes analyses of language, religion, dance, meal, clothes, business culture, and so on.
  • Geographic Structure Of The Country: Climates, mountains, rivers, natural resources affects the decisions of the companies. For example; you don’t sell T-shirt in Alaska, or you don’t establish a factory which works with coal energy in a country that has no coal.
  • Economic Structure Of The Country: Economic indicators of a country is very essential in business’s decisions. For example; a business don’t want to invest in a country that has bad economic indicators such as high inflation, high taxe rates, etc.
  • Demographic Structure Of The Country: Demographic structure is important for a business because it means the characteristics of labor force for them. For example; a busines do not prefer to invest in a country that most of people are elderly people, or want to invest in a country which has high quality labor force.

B) Analysis At Company Level

This step is about the understanding the effects of country conditions on businesses. In other words, this step examines how does a business adapt itself to specific country conditions. In this step, followings should be mentioned;

  • Company Profile
  • Vision & Mission
  • Objectives
  • Strategies
  • Supply Chain Activities
  • Research & Development Activities (If there is)
  • SWOT Analysis Of The Company
  • Abroad Activities (If there is)
  • Operational Performance
  • Financial Performance
  • International Trade Activites (If there is)




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