How To Write A Good Article Summary

     Writing an article summary is one of intensely given homeworks for university, master and even doctorate students. Although this task is perceived as a simple and easy homework, the most of the students get low grades and get shocked. Here, you may find some tips of writing a good article summary.

Tip 1: Article summary does not mean rewriting of article by changing words or structure of sentences. You should use your own words and sentences.

Tip 2: Using your own words and sentences does not mean that you will make your own comments on article. The article summary should not include your own evaluations.

Tip 3: The summary must be shorter than article itself. For example; if the article is 25 pages (does not include references, appendicies, cover page, abstract, etc.) , 3-5 pages is enough for summary.

Tip 4: The summary must include main idea of the article. When readers begin to examine the summary, they must have clear understanding about the main idea of the article.

Tip 5: Unnecessary details must be excluded. For example; there is no need to write the statistical calculations.

Tip 6: You should explain important notions and arguments because notions can have different meanings in different articles or different articles may have different arguments on same topic.

Tip 7: It is more efficient way to read the article twice from a hard copy of the article and taking some notes before starting summary.

Tip 8: It is important to follow the instruction given by your professor. For example; while some professors may require 12 font size, others may ask 11 font size.

Tip 9: It is important to follow grammar rules and to don’t make spelling mistakes.

Tip 10: Do not forget final check.


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