Writing an article review is undoubtedly one of the hardest tasks especially for master students.

HOW TO WRITE AN ARTICLE REVIEW – since the professors want master students to deal with articles more, they always ask them to write article reviews. Although it is very intensely given task, master students are very confused about how to write article review. Here, you can find a guideline to write a good article review.

The rule one: You should not confuse review with summary. These two are different but it can be stated that summary is a part of review. However, it cannot be said that review and summary are same.

The rule two: (creating a cover page) The cover page is very important for each review homework. It should include all required information but it must exclude all irrelevant information. In this sense, you cover page may include followings;

  • Name of your university/program/course.
  • Title of article that you have reviewed, and information about the article such as scholars, publishing date, name of journal that the article published etc.
  • Your name/surname/ID number.
  • The city that the university is in, and the year that you did your homework.

The rule three: (writing an introduction) Writing a well introduction is essential to have a good review. In a well written introduction, the followings should be included;

  • The main idea or topic of the article. (It is not a summary, it should be answer of what is the article about)
  • The main goal of the article. (It should answer the question of what has writer aimed while s/he is writing the article)
  • The intended audiences (Who are the targets of the article?) and what are the expected characteristics of targets or assumptions of that the audiences have certain knowledge.
  • The name of the journal that the article published, and why were the article published in that journal?

The rule four: (writing a summary) Summary does not mean rewriting of the article by changing the words. Summary means emphasizing the important points in the article. In this sense, summary part should include followings;

  • The description of the model proposed by the article.
  • The description of the hypotheses proposed by the article.
  • The relationship among hypotheses.
  • Research method of the article (sample, measurement, etc.)

The rule five: (writing a results part) Results and contributions of the article must be distinguished.  While results are about acceptance or non-acceptance of hypotheses proposed by the article, contributions refers to how would be the impacts of results. In this sense, here, you should mention about whether hypotheses was proved or not, and how did you reach to results.

The rule six: (writing a contribution part) Here, you should write about the impacts of the results. In other words, you should explain how these finding create a difference compared to past.

The rule seven: (writing a general critique part) In this section, you should write about what are the positive or negative evaluations of others about the article. It emphasizes the views of others about the article. But, the important point is that people who evaluate the article should be reputable.

The rule eight: (writing a personal response) In this part, you should write your opinions about the article. Did you like the article? why or why not? what are the shortcomings of the article for you? how it can be improved? etc.





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