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Earthquakes Conversation

Joe: Hey, check this out. Y’know what Eric asked me when I got into work this morning?

Kristin: I have no idea, what’d he ask you?

Joe: He asked me if I felt the earthquake last night.

Kristin: Earthquake? You’ve gotta be kidding, I didn’t feel an earthquake.

Joe: I know, that’s what I said. He told me it actually woke him up last night. Y’know…

Kristin: What?

Joe: …yeah, it was like, it went, it happened at like, uh, 4:42 in the morning. So we must’ve been sleeping. But I mean, it’s possible that, y’know, even if we had been awake we might not have felt it because, y’know, maybe it, uh, wasn’t felt, y’know, this far north. But, uh, I, I mean I thought he was pullin’ my leg when he first talked about it.

Kristin: Well, I guess it’s not so far-fetched considering we live on a major fault line here.

Joe: Yeah, but actually I think this earthquake was, uh, on a different fault line, um, because, y’know, Eric lives, uh, just, uh, south of San Jose…

Kristin: Yeah.

Joe: …and, uh, the earthquake he said was due east of San Jose, so he was obviously a lot closer to the epicenter than we were. So, I d-, I’m not even sure it was felt here.

Kristin: Yeah, that makes sense. Well, y’know, I’ve experienced quite a few earthquakes in the past several years but I’ve been living here a little over two years, I’ve, I think I’ve only experienced one here. It was really strange, too, I was, um, each, I should say each earthquake has been a completely different experience. But the one I, the one I felt here, I was standing outside a restaurant talking to AJ and another friend and all of a sudden it just felt like, this shift. It’s really hard to explain, but it made me think of, like, a cartoon, like how, in the cartoon, like buildings might just shift to the right and then shift right back.

Joe: Yeah, without falling.

Kristin: Yeah, without falling. And I, I had no idea what was going on for a few minutes afterwards. And then I realized, oh that must have been an earthquake.

Joe: Yeah, you know what I usually notice, the times that I’ve been at home, here…

Kristin: Yeah.

Joe: …and, uh, there’s been an earthquake? It’s almost as if there’s this really big train, or like a gigantic Mack truck going by. And, uh, suddenly I start to hear the heater shaking. And, um, it’s like, the noise is like, uh, is loud for like a second and then it’s gone, so…

Kristin: That’s so…

Joe: …it’s really weird, y’know, it’s almost like the first couple’a times I felt it, I wasn’t even aware it was an earthquake while it was happening.

Kristin: Well, that’s so funny you say that because one that I experienced in Bangkok, it actually was after the tsunami and so later I found out that it was, it was, um, aftershock from the tsunami. But anyway, I was in a building up on the ninth floor and suddenly, uh, there was all this rattling. And I’m thinking to myself, it, it just, it, it was so irrational. I’m thinking to myself, god, there’s like a train going by and I can’t believe that this building is shaking so much from the train [laugh]. It… And of course a train wouldn’t have made a building, or at least me up on the ninth floor, feel something to that effect. And I think it happened about two times. And it… That one wasn’t until several days later when I was talking to people and they were like, “Oh didja feel the earthquake?”. Then it dawned on me, oh, that was an earthquake. It was…

Joe: Yeah, I know. It’s, uh, it’s crazy how when you’re not used to feeling them you can think it’s something else.

Kristin: Yeah, yeah totally.

Joe: I mean, I’ve been livin’ here for a while now and I’ve definitely felt my share of earthquakes. I mean, y’know, when you live here it’s a given that you’re gonna experience earthquakes. You just hope that you’re not gonna be here for the big one, y’know…

Kristin: [laugh] Yeah, right.

Joe: When I first moved here, it was, uh, about five years after the Loma Prieta earthquake, which was a very big earthquake here. And, um, there are a lot of people who lived here who I met who had actually been living in the area when the earthquake hit. So it was interesting to get their perspective

Kristin: Oh.

Joe: …and, uh, it also like made me remember where I was when I heard about the Loma Prieta earthquake. I was watching the World Series on TV. And, uh, y’know, it was, uh, taking place in San Francisco. So, uh, as I’m watching it suddenly the announcer starts, uh, uh, saying, “Wow, I think we’re feeling an earthquake here.”.

And the cameras started shaking. And, uh, all of a sudden the TV coverage cut out. So, uh, y’know, I wanted to get a rundown on what happened. So I turned to the news station and, uh, within a few minutes they were discussing this gigantic earthquake that had hit San Francisco. And they started showing pictures, uh, maybe thirty minutes later, of these people who were, uh, trying to weed through the rubble of these buildings that had been, like, coming down. So, I mean, it was…

Kristin: Oh, wow.

Joe: …it was pretty scary, I’ll tell you what

Kristin: Yeah.

Joe: …y’know.

Kristin: Yeah, well, um, you know the three months I was living in Japan I experienced two. Both of those were very different, uh, very different from the one I’d experienced here and also very different from the one in Bangkok. But one of ‘em, I was actually up in my apartment, which was on the fifth floor of a building. And I was woken up at about 5 o’clock in the morning to the building swaying. And because, uh, earthquakes are like a dime a dozen in Japan, they, they’ve built a lot of their buildings to absorb the shock. So that’s why it was swaying, it was really, it was a very surreal feel.



check this out: listen to this

I have no idea: I do not know

you’ve gotta be kidding: you cannot be serious

pullin’ my leg: making a joke by lying to someone and pretending the lie is true

far-fetched: unbelievable

due east: exactly east of someplace

epicenter: the middle of an earthquake

all of a sudden: right away with no warning

aftershock: an earthquake that happens right after another earthquake

it dawned on me: I remembered; I realized

totally: definitely

a while: a long time it’s a given: there is no doubt

perspective: what someone thinks about something

World Series: the championship games in American baseball

taking place: happening

cut out: no longer was able to be seen

rundown: information

weed through: to look or dig through

I’ll tell you what: that is for sure

a dime a dozen: very common

surreal: unreal



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