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Phrasal verb & Prepositional verbs

Phrasal verb Cümle içinde kullanımı Anlamı
agree with I agree with him on that point. aynı fikirde olmak, bir fikre katılmak
back off* She was told to back off. geri çekilme
be in Are your parents in? orada olmak
be off* I‘m off now. gitmek
black out And then she just blacked out. soluk, sönük, zayıf
blow up The bomb might have blown up. patlamak
break away At last, the hostage could break away from his captors. sıvışmak, kaçmak
break free
break loose
break down Finally her car broke down. yatıp kalmak
break up Sue and Tim broke up last year. birbirinden ayrı gitmek, ayrılmak
bring up (1) She was brought up in Wisconsin. (1) yetiştirmek, büyütmek;
(2) I would like to bring up the two most critical points one more time. (2) söz etmek, demek
butt in* How can we talk when you keep butting in all the time? karışmak, burnunu sokma, sözünü kesmek
call off I had to call off the barbecue because of the bad weather. iptal etmek
calm down Please calm down. sakin olmak
carry on Please carry on with your homework. ilerlemek, yapmaya devam etmek
check out I will check it out. kontrol etmek
close down The shop was closed down by the police. kapatmak
cut out* Cut it out! kesmek, bitirmek, son vermek
do without I guess I will have to do without lunch today. yoksun olmak, (birşey) olmadan yapmak, -den vazgeçmek
drop in (on)* I can’t believe who dropped in on us last night. uğramak, uğrayıp gitmek
drop off You can drop me off at the next red light. indirmek
ease off The storm eased off a little. sakinleşmek, dinmek,rahatlamak
end up How will this end up? bitmek
even out The surface of the road was evened out. düzlemek, pürüzsüz yapmak
fall through I hope the house signing doesn’t fall through. suya düşmek
figure out* I just can’t figure her out. kavramak, anlamak
fill out Would you fill out the form, please? doldurmak
focus (on) She focused on this issue. (bir şeye) odaklanmak
get along with He couldn’t get along with his mother-in-law. geçinmek, başa çıkmak
get at* What exactly is he getting at? kastetmek,demek istemek
get by (on) She can’t get by on that much money. -ile geçinmek,aysonunu getirmek,idare etmek
get into He managed to get himself into the class he wanted. kabul edilmek, (işe, sınıfa, gruba vs.) alınmak
get off on* He gets off on paying soccer. zevk almak, hoşlanmak
get on How are you getting on? ilerlemek, gelişmek
get on with (1) I need to get on with my homework. (1) –i yapmaya devam etmek
(2) How do you get on with Sam? (2) geçinmek, anlaşmak
get out of You’ve got to get out of there. defolmak, s*ktir olup gitmek
get up Today I got up at 10 am. (yataktan) kalkmak
give up Are you sure you want to give up your career? vazgeçmek, pes etmek, bırakmak
go through (1) The truck wouldn’t go through the tunnel. (1) arasından geçmek
(2) He went through his pockets, looking for his wallet. (2) denetlemek, dikkatle incelemek
(3) You won’t believe what I’ve gone through. (3) tamamlamak, geçmek, halletmek
(4) I guess we need to go through the whole song a few more times. (4) incelemek, prova yapmak
hand out The teacher handed out the test to the surprised students. (parçalara bölerek) dağıtmak
hang up Why did you hang up on me? telefonu kapatmak
hit back He hit me, but I didn’t hit him back. misilleme yapmak
hit on* Tom was hitting on Mike’s fiancée. asılmak, abayı yakmak, ilgi duymak
hold on Hold on a minute! I have to check this first. beklemek
hurry up Hurry up, will you? I got some errands to run today. hızlandırmak, çabuklaştırmak
idle away Don’t idle the whole day away. ihmal etmek, savsaklamak, israf etmek, tembel tembel vakit geçirmek
insist (on) He insisted on it. ısrar etmek
invite over Let’s invite them over for dinner. davet etmek
jump in(to) I just jumped into the pool and had a refreshing swim. (içine) atlamak
keep at I need to keep at this. yapmaya devam etmek
keep off Please keep off the lawn. çiğnememek, ayak basmamak
keep on (1) It’s a little chilly in here, so I better keep my coat on. (1) çıkarmamak
(2) Just keep on practicing your scales by simply playing them up and down. (2) (çalışmaya/yapmaya) devam etmek
keep out (of) (1) Keep out of this and mind your own business. (1) –e karışmak
(2) My door is closed. Keep out! (2) –den uzak durmak
knock off Knock it off! (bir şeyi) bırakmak
lead up to (1) A narrow path leads up to his cabin. (1) –e götürmek, yönlendirmek, ulaştırmak
(2) She was just leading up to something when he interrupted. (2) demek istemek
leak out I hope that news does not leak out. anlaşılmak, sızmak, sızdırmak
leave out (of) Leave me out of it, please. dışında tutmak, bulaştırmamak, karıştırmamak
leave up to They left this decision up to me. (birine) bırakmak, devretmek
let down I won’t let you down again. hayal kırıklığına uğratmak
let in Don’t let strangers in. (içeri)sokmak
let on (about) I promised I wouldn’t let on about her new job. açığa vurmak, ihanet etmek
let up The storm has let up. azalmak, dinmek
lie down I need to lie down and take a little nap. yatmak
light up We lighted the house up with the headlights of our automobile. ışıklandırmak, ışıkvermek, aydınlatmak
lighten up Hey, lighten up a little. Enjoy the day. gevşemek, kasılmamak, çözülmemek
line up Everyone, please line up. sıraya dizmek, düzene koymak
live up to That meal did not live up to my expectations. tatmin etmek
look back (at/on) When I look back on him, I am amazed at all he has accomplished. geçmişi düşünmek, geriye bakmak
look for I am looking for my watch. aramak
look in (on) I will look in on him from time to time. uğramak
look out (for) Look out for that car! dikkat etmek
look up to She is glad they look up to her. hayran kalmak, saygı duymak
loom up An old cottage loomed up in the distance. açığa çıkmak, ortalıkta gözükmek
loosen up Relax and loosen yourself up. gevşemek, rahatlamak
make out Can you make out what she is saying? şifreyi çözmek, anlamak
make out with There are hot pictures of him making out with a nun. sarmaş dolaş öpüşmek
make up (1) Did she make up the clowns yet? (1) hazırla(n)mak, hazır olmak
(2) I made up that story. (2) tasarlamak, kurgulamak, düşünmek
(3) I’m sorry, but you can’t make up that test you missed. (3) telafi etmek
(4) Class participation will make up 25% of your final grade. (4) önemi olmak, paya sahip olmak
(5) They kissed and made up. (5) tazminat, zararı telafi etmek
(6) Do you think I would make this up? (6) düşünmek, bulmak, keşfetmek
march on Time marches on. (ilerlemeye)devam etmek, geçmek
mark down Pineapples are marked down again. fiyatı düşürmek
mark up Watermelons are marked up again. fiyatı arttırmak
mess up (1) He messed up his room. (1) düzene koymak
(2) The dirty water messed my pants up. (2) kirletmek
(3) Losing my job really messed my life up. (3) altüst etmek, karıştırmak,üzmek, rahatsız etmek
move in(to) I moved into a new apartment last month. einziehen
move on (to) (1) The officer stopped for a minute, asked some questions, and then moved on. (1) [bir yerden] ayrılmak
(2) Alright, let’s move on to our next point. (2) –e yönelmek, –e geçmek
move out (of) I moved out of my old apartment last month. taşınmak
move up (to) How long will it be before they can move her up? (yerini/biriyle) değiştirmek

* konuşma dilinde kullanılıyor.



a person or animal that catches or confines another.

“This seemed to catch their captor by surprise, but he quickly regained his composure.”



a person seized or held as security for the fulfillment of a condition.

“the kidnapper had instructed the hostage’s family to drop the ransom at noon”

eş anlamlılar: captive, prisoner, inmate, detainee, internee, victim, abductee, prey, human shield, pawn, instrument

get off on sth


verb uk — phrasal verb with get   /ɡet/ ( present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got or US usually gotten)

› to find something exciting, especially in a sexual way:

Dave likes power – he gets off on it.

hang up

verb uk — phrasal verb with hang   /hæŋ/ us

to end a phone conversation: He started shouting so I hung up (on him). Let me speak to Melanie before you hang up.

hit on/upon sth

— phrasal verb with hit

/hɪt/ verb ( present participle hitting, past tense and past participle hit)

to have a good idea, especially one which solves a problem

birden aklına gelmek, bulmak, keşfetmek

We hit upon the idea of writing to the mayor to ask for his help.

hit on sb

US slang

verb uk — phrasal verb with hit   /hɪt/ ( past participle hitting, past tense and past participle hit) us

to show someone that you are sexually attracted to them: Some guy hit on me while I was standing at the bar.


noun /ˈerənd/

a short journey in order to buy or do something for someone

basit/sıradan/ayak işi, getir götür işi

I’ve got to run a few errands this morning before we go.




SIZE [no plural] the size or level of something

boyut, ölçüt, derece, kapsam, çap

We don’t yet know the scale of the problem. Nuclear weapons cause destruction on a massive scale (= cause a lot of destruction).


› A large-/small-scale event or activity is large/small in size.

büyük-/küçük- ölçekte/çapta/ölçüde/çapta

a large-scale investigation

MEASURING SYSTEM the set of numbers, amounts, etc used to measure or compare the level of something

derece, ölçü, ölçek, cetvel

How would you rate her work on a scale of 1-10?

EQUIPMENT US ( UK scales [plural])

› a piece of equipment for measuring weight

tartı, terazi

a bathroom/kitchen scale


how the size of things on a map, model, etc relates to the same things in real life

ölçü, mikyas

a map with a scale of one centimetre per ten kilometres


› a series of musical notes that is always played in order and that rises gradually from the first note



› one of the flat pieces of hard material that covers the skin of fish and snakes

(balık, yılan) pul, kabuk

knock off

informal — phrasal verb with knock

/nɒk/ verb

› to stop working, usually at the end of a day

işi bırakmak, paydos etmek

I don’t knock off until six.

lead up to sth

— phrasal verb with lead

/liːd/ verb ( past tense and past participle led /led/)

to happen before an event

öncesinde olmak, yol açmak, zemin hazırlamak

The shops are always busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

live up to sth

— phrasal verb with live

/lɪv/ verb

to be as good as someone hopes

beklentilerini karşılamak; umduğu gibi olmak

Did the trip live up to your expectations?


noun  /ˈkɒtɪdʒ/

a small house, usually in the countryside

kulübe, kır/dağ evi, yazlık ev


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