ingilizce “to get” kullanımı ve örnek cümleler

To get

1.Almak(to receive)

2.Durum değişikliği(to indicate a change) bring/to buy/to find

  1. “to have” & “to have to” fiilleriyle beraber kullanılabilir.

5.(Phrasel verb oluşturabilir)as part of phrasel verb

  1. İfadelerde(as part of an expression)



  1. To receive something(followed by a concrete(somut) or absract noun)

For example:  to get a present, to get a letter,to get a call,to get a promotion,to get an apology indicate a change = to become(followed by an adjective or a comparative adjective)

Mesela: to get angry/hot/sick/calm

Sıfat geçmiş zamanda çekimlenmiş bir fiil olabilir

To get tired/excited/lost/stuck

Ya da comparative adjective olabilir

Mesela: to get taller/better/more interesting

Not: when “become” is followed by a noun or a superlative adjective,you cannot use “get” as a synonym

Mesela: to become a teacher

To become an issue

To become the best bring/to buy/to find

In expressions like:

May i get(bring) you a drink?

I need to get(buy) some milk.

İ couldn’t get(find) any information.

4.Added to verbs “to have” & “to have to”

İt doesn’t change the meaning:

İ have a question. = I’ve got a question.

Soru formu

Do you have a minute? = Have you got a minute?

They don’t have a car. = They haven’t got a car.


She has to work late. = She’s got to work late.

Do you have to go? = Have you got to go?


We don’t have to stay. = We haven’t got to stay. part of phrasel verb

Here are some commen ones:

To get up = to leave your bed

To get on a Bus/plane/train/bike/horse >< (zıttı) to get off

To get into a car/taxi  >< to get out of

To get on with someone = to have a good relationship with them

To get over an illness/ a shock / a problem = to recover from it or to overcome it

To get to a place = to arrive at a pace

To get by = to manage with minimum resources

  1. as part of an expression

Here are some commen ones:

To get it = to understand something

e.g. I don’t get it. What’s your point?

To get it right /wrong = to do /answer correctly / incorrectly

e.g. i did not get the last question right. İ got it wrong

to get down to business / work = to start working

e.g. as everyone is here, we can get to business

to get somewhere = to achieve some success

e.g. we are making good progress.We’re getting somewhere.

To get off to a good / bad start = to start something well / badly

e.g. the Project has got off to a really good start.

To get going = to begin to leave

e.g. It’s getting late.We must get going




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