How to use meta tags for better SEO

Meta tags are used for giving information to search engines about websites,title,description of the page,which information there is in it,what kind of keywords includes the page and these such information is given by meta tags to search engines. When visit the spiders of search engines to your website to categorize and to save your content,in order to get information they look at your meta tags first.

If meta tags added to your page, spiders can do their work easier,and they can add your pages to database of search engines in a shorter time.Thus when any searching done for related category, saved pages by the spiders place in searching results.Now let’s take a glance at meta tags and generate for our websites or blogs

<title>meta tags</title>

 Meta tag <title> is the tag that describes to your website’s title. You must write your website’s description between <title> and </title> the writing on the top of browser and the title of the listed pages in searching results is generated according to that tag

While creating the <title> tag you must use some words related to your website’s content ! but your total words should not exceed 80 character.


<meta name=”description” content=”description of the page“>
while writing description for your website, !attention don’t exceed total 200 character, and pay attention not to use the same word as you used in the tag <title>


<meta name=”keywords” content=”meta tag,meta tags,meta labels,creating meta tags“>
keywords meta tags are used for determining the keywords that related to webpages,determine the tips which gives information about your website or blog and write them into the tag <keywords>
Most people think that writing much in keywords is better,but in fact it’s not right,you must possibly use few words,but ideally,use the best words that describes our website’s content.
Make sure that these words are written in your pages(posts) few times


<meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow“>
The tag <robots> guides to spiders of the search engines what must do when they visit to our website,in sample above the order “index and follow” says to the spiders to save the page and to follow the links going out from the page.The spider, who see this tag, will first save to the page, then will go if there is any link to other pages.If the order were like below,the spiders was not going to save to the page and was not going to follow the links


<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow“>
The tags using for websites are not only these ones, however we may say that, these ones the most affect lining up to your website.Now let’s generate meta tags for our own websites,to do this you can change the below tags according to your website or you can use meta tag generater tools 


1) <title>title of the page</title>
2) <meta name=”description” content=”write description of your page“>
3) <meta name=”keywords” content=”word,word2,words,keywords“>
4) <meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow“>
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