my computer heats up so fast

Hello everyone! How are you? i’m gonna talk in this post about PC’s heating up so fast. There are a few simple reasons for that.We’ll have a loot at what these reasons are and on how to fix these issues when we faced with.
1-Close all unnecessary Windows
Google chrome, mozilla firefox, internet explorer and the other ones, are they at the same open? i’m sure one of them is in not use, if so why don’t you close one, that will help CPU.
2-Cookies, fragments etc.
Say that you have installed a software and you didn’t like it then you’ve removed, or your all deleted files, they have fragments on their back, you should delete them completely.To delete them smoothly what am gonna offer you is cCleaner.
3-Running Programs at Startup
I’m sure you don’t use all programs on a PC, do you know which programs still run on backround or at startup? if too many programs are open on background they’ll eat up CPU and will make your RAM too much run but in vain.You can define which program will run at startup, make the programs – you don’t use – “off” at startup. there are so many programs for that but i do recommend you yourunistaller which is also known YU.
A screenshot of YU

Click on image to enlarge

4-Unnecessary Programs
How many programs are installed in your PC? Do you use all of them? the programs, you don’t really use often, occupies a place on (C:) . if you think you’ll need to use a program very often unistall it or install in (D:) drive instead of (C:). To delete or remove an unnecessary program from PC i offer you to use yourunistaller after all, which i’ve just now mentioned above in step 3.

More Tips:
Although all efforts if your PC still heats up that means it’s time to format, but remember do you have a recovery solution ? find your recovery CD and this will take you to default settings of the first installation time, generally this time is very close to moment you’ve bought the PC. it’s better to recovery it instead formatting.




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