search engine optimization basicly

To understand title of search engine optimization,first of all, we must understand what are search engines and how they work?
   In this page we’ll allude to search engines and how they work,we’ll at the same time give basic information about SEO

Internet, as all of us known is a great, large, huge web and in this web there are millions of websites billions of webpages

From such a large content and from too much information,we are using to search engines to find the best needed ones for us

The search engines use some programs to find and to save websites
if we think that internet is web of a spider, the programs that search engines used, is the spider of that web.
In fact we really call this programs “spider” or similarly “robot“, “crowler“,”bot
these spiders find a website and get start to read to the pages completely they read… they read over and over read…then they save the content,finally they add  pages to database of search engines.

If the spider encounter a link in a page follows the link where it goes, and it adds other pages to database,in this way spiders circulate all websites, when they see any chainging in a website, updates the information in database.

While using a search engine to find a content,it is scanned  whis is saved information by search engines  in database,and it is shown us website’s related words we searched.

In times internet has not developed properly,in order to be listed by search engines, it was enough to have some words which is searched most, for example; when the word for “football” searched, if any website has the most words related football,that site was on top of list in search engines,but in our recent days
1.the density of the key words
2.opening speed of the pages many links has a website in other websites much time the website closed(the duration of a website staying closed) old is the website much time does a visitor stay on the site the content of site copied often is a website updated
Such these things act on lining up websites, as search engine optimization is large subject we don’t want to be reason for confusing but we’ll try to give basic SEO information,we highly recommend you to follow SEO experts,and to read their articles at length,and to update your information weekly or montly.

The purpose of the search engines is to give their users the informations quickly and easily that’s why, they separate  quality websites from poor quality ones,later they place the quality websites on top of list
since the computers have done raiting and lining up websites,some mistakes may occur,search engines may assess your site of poor quality although your site has quality and unique content.Aim of search engine optimization is to prevent such mistakes, for example; you have a chat site by optimizing it we normally try to see our site on top of search engine list. However to get more visitor trying mislead search engines causes your website deleting from search engines for example your site doesn’t related with cars,news because it is a chat site, the spiders are not stupid they will immediately complain your site to search engines,as it is perfect and ideal. Being honest in real life it is also the same for cyberworld.

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