search engine optimization


   SEO search engine optimization, it is your attemps,emulations,practice to see your own site or blog content on top of list, in search engines.
In this page by using different techniques we’ll learn how to add our site to search engines,and how to raise our site’s level in search engine lists.

First and formost let’s some talk about optimization ,what kind of benefits optimization gives  us.


   It is the search engines that send the most visitor to our site, the proportion of a normal website, almost 90% comes from search engines. That’s why the easiest and the biggest way of raising website visitor number is to add&optimize to search engines.

   Your site may be have added to search engines by yourself, however if you don’t see your content on top of search engine list, that doesn’t act on number of visitor.
Briefly, if a website does not appear on top of searching list(i do not like to say it) that means mentioned website has not published yet, so to optimize our site is important as much as creating a website.
Search engine optimization is a large,extensive,and deep topic/title/subject. It’s written and published lots of articles,books about it.In this page we’ll give basic information about SEO,we recommend you not to be contented with this narration, things we gave you here is important, but you may search more about search engine optimization,to get the best result for your own website.

By visiting blow pages you may reach to basic information and techniques about SEO
General view
Meta tags
registration to search engines





search engine optimization basicly

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