The easiest way how to add facebook connect comment box in your website page


Facebook and its comment box is getting popular day by day, when you add facebook comment box in your website, the commentators not only drop a comment in your website but also drop on their facebook profile.There is a squared tick box beneath facebook comment field,your visitor must tick it to share mentioned comment on their profile.It has also a “like box” ,even “Post comment to my Facebook profile” not checked, when a user likes your page,its all friend will see that he likes your page.You may ask yourself like this
– is it so important?
if you ask  like that, it’s obvious that you know nothink about optimization, search engine is not enough alone, you, at the same time, must use social media  for optimization.


In my previous article i’d mentioned about facebook unique ID, it is enough to add it in your website

No API key needed
No xd_receiver.htm neded
No java or any FBML code needed
Just Unique ID needed

1 You must have a Unique ID for your comment box ,if you don’t have a Facebook Unique ID yet,visit here and learn how to get one

if you get your Unique ID visit facebook comment box wizard , enter your Unique ID, click on any blank place to see your comment box preview.
Number of comments: if you increase the comment number, your page’s height will increase. let it be 10.
width: Generally i use my comment box with the size 500 px, because my page’s width is 600 px, you can customize your coment box size according to your page size,when you customize it, it will  increase or decrease as pixel
Get Code: when you customize your box style click on ” Get Code” button, copy and paste it in a *.txt file

More Customization
en_US: This code describes your comment box language, for example as i’m a Turk, my language is Turkish, and its international language code is tr_TR, if i replace “en_US” with “tr_TR” my comment box language will be Turkish.

These are the websites tell your international language code
These are the websites tell your international country code

2 Create a blog from blogger, it is very easy with just two steps.But if you already have one, that’s great, you are one step ahead.Click here and learn how to get a blog from blogger.
3 Your blogger template must very clear and empty, i’ve customized one for you, click here and download it for free,you had created a blog in step 2, then replace it with mine(with that you downloaded), if you don’t know click here and learn how to change blogger xml template.
4 Create a post and just write your company name as title, as content write your company name again, then publish the post

5 Do Design > Edit HTML > Expand Widgets Templates, then search for <!– facebook comment box –> or <data:post.body/> with CTRL +F, add now your Facebook comment box code under ,blow one of them.You had learn how to get Facebook comment box in step “1.Save your template and do “view blog” i think you saw your comment box, please copy and paste its URL in anywhere, recommend in a txt file

<table align=center bgcolor=#ffffff border=0 width=600 height=1200>
<td><iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”1200″ scrolling=”no” src=”Your URL goes here” width=”597″></iframe></td></tr></table>

Replace your URL with “Your URL goes here” for src, and use this tag as Facebook comment box code in your website or in your any web page.

Download sample htm page
Add My Code In Your Website For Trial
Here It Is My Facebook Comment Box Code
<table align=center bgcolor=#ffffff border=0 width=600 height=1200>
<td><iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”1200″ scrolling=”no” src=”” width=”597″></iframe></td></tr></table>

(it will be the same in your website)




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