WordPress Woocommerce language problem solution detailed

WordPress Woocommerce language problem solution detailed

WordPress Woocommerce language problem solution detailed – WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in that helps businesses sell online products.
WooCommerce is used in more than 41% of all online stores and that makes it not only the world’s most popular e-commerce platform, but also the best one. For this reason, if you are considering e-commerce as a business owner, WooCommerce will be your first choice.

WordPress Woocommerce language problem solution detailed

WordPress Woocommerce language problem solution detailed – WordPress Woocommerce language problem solution is quite simple. WordPress CMS (content management system), which is coded open source by Matt Mullenweg, accounts for 30% of the total sites in the world.

WordPress Woocommerce language problem solution detailed description

Note: This article does not address newcomers to WordPress

Woocommerce is a plugin that allows you to sell products from your WordPress site. Woocommerce, following the success as an E-Commerce add-on, was acquired by Autommatic. But we will not talk about the success of the Woocommerce E-Commerce Plugin in this article, but how to make its language from English to in other languages. First of all, we recommend that you install WordPress manually.

After downloading WordPress files, unzip and upload extracted files into your FTP account, into the directory “publich_html” folder from FTP. Go to your hosting account and create a new database. Do not forget to make your installation in your language.

Woocommerce language problem

If you are still experiencing Woocommerce language problems after following the above steps, continue reading this article.

Step 1: “Go to  Dasboard> Settings> General > Site Language” and choose your language then “Save Changes”

Step 2: Follow the path to “Woocommerce> Status”  make sure site language is set to your home language under “WordPress environment”

WordPress is still in English?

Somehow, if site language is still in English, do the following.

Visit the URL https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/woocommerce

Youl’ll see there lots of locales. Find your locale and click on that, on the new page there are some releases click on latest release as shown on the image below


On the new page, scrolll the mouse down and you’ll see the export link,  wait! do not click it immediately.First choose “export: all current, as: Machine Object Select Message Catalog (.mo)“.

Then click on the export link and download the file, change the name of the file to your locale e.g. tr_TR .mo, and access the directory via FTP, where the WordPress is installed. Then drag and drop this language file into wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/languages folder. After these steps your Woocommerce Site should be set to in your language. If you still have problems, you can write in the comments section, you will get an answer within 1 hour. If this article solves your problem, please do not forget to drop a comment.

Some website has theme based translation problems, these problems can also be fixed. I personally use loco translate for that kind of solutions.

How to translate your theme using Loco translate?

Loco is an excellent and totally free translation plugin that helps you to translate any theme in your language.  Download Loco translate install and activate.

Artbees has a good explanation on how to use Loco Translate, their post can be read here

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