Writing A Company Report

Writing A Company Report

Writing A Company Report is one of the most widely given homeworks for Business Faculty students. Generally professors give this kind of homework to teach students how to analyze a company from general perspective. Indeed, it is very beneficial homework for students but it is often difficult for them. The main reason lying behind this reality is that students don’t know where to begin. Here, you may find a basic guideline to write a company report.

Company Overview

This is the first part of the homework. Here, students should provide general information about the company. For example; they should emphasize the establishment date of the company or who is the founder of the firm or where does the company operate, or in which market does the company take role, etc.

Business Description

This section includes detailed information about business itself. Business segments of the company, stakeholders, way to serve, etc.

Major Products and Services

As it can be understood from the title, this heading involve information about the product and services produced by the company. There is no need for too much information about specific products. Products can be grouped or if can’t, one sentence is enough for each product.

Revenue Analysis

It is not difficult as can be thought from the title as. This title includes the answer of some basic questions such as “how does the company earn its revenue?” and “how much did the company earn in near past?”

Mission, Vision, & Goals

Here, students should share the officially published mission an vision statements and goals. Also, it is required to explain what does these mean briefly.

SWOT Analysis

In this part, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats must be researched carefully. It is recommended to find a guideline for how to conduct SWOT Analysis for students.

Marketing Mix Of The Company

In this section, it is enough to explain 4P (Product, price, promotion, and place) with only one paragraph. It is highly recommended to learn how to do 4P analysis.

Target Market

It is undoubtedly important to determine which customer groups should be targeted for a company. Here, students are expected to analyze the customers of the company.

Business Level Strategy Of The Company

Here, students are expected to find what kind of business strategy does the company pursue and why. Students might use the Porter’s generic strategies in this part.



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