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why do i not see my blog site on search results

   You may see your website on the first page of Google with some tricky way,but this doesn’t take long time.When you apply these tricky methods,you may drop in Sandbox.This tricky method name is Black Hat SEO.We do recommend you keeping away from this method.


Keywordstuffing:Using meta tags for our website, we must use related meta tags with our content. Let’s say that we’ve a website and generally we’re writing about “Computer“, in this case our meta tags may be “Hardware,Software,Displayscreen” but they may not be “Freechat,sport activities,Pop music,Magazin news“. This is a reason for dropping in “Sandbox“.Some web owner use this method to see their site on the first page of Google,but this works only for e few days,some time later. He can not see himself even  in Google search list.

Submitting Repeately:Registering websites to search engines shortly but over and over.This method is most stupid one, it is very easy to understand this is tricky.

Tiny Text All Text:These tags are used for visual files,generally visitor doesn’t see them,but search engine bots see.This is related with image files,using for image files irrelevant and long text are just a simple method.

Invisible Text: They are keywords that have the same color as your background and text color.Because they are the same color as background and text color,visitor doesn’t see them.when you apply this method your website drops in “sandbox” in short time.

Blue Hat Seo: This concept is used together with developed internet marketing and search engine optimization.Blue hat seo includes news about both “Black hat seo” and “White hat seo“. Because blue hat seo includes the whole concept in all,we can name this method “Creative Seo” .apart from Seo,many ways of internet marketing ,even Black hat, is used in Blue hat seo.

Black Hat Seo illegal: e few step of black hat seo is illegal,most part of black hat is legal. Despite a legal case,it is not honest.

Search Engines Have Black List: Anybody who has done black hat seo for their website,doesn’t fall in “Black List“. Because search engines haven’t got such a list yet.However their website kicked, throw out from the “index“.

They never indexed again: When any website throw out from index of search engines, only six months later may be indexed again. Do you think your website not indexed, first check the keywords out.

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